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What Helps Relieve Foot Heel Pain?

One day you wake up, and all of a sudden you have a pain that you have never had before. The pain is in your heel. You soon discover that you can’t walk like you are used to doing. It is really painful. You are not the only one who has this problem. It happens to many people, and because it happens so suddenly, they are not prepared for it. This type of pain is known as plantar fascititis. Another more common name for it is heel spur syndrome. 10.Chunky heels are much more stable than stilettos. Try to wear a wider, more supportive heel or even convert to platforms!

At first, the heel seats seemed a little uncomfortable in my shoe. Not painful, but it felt like there was a “popsicle stick” inserted across my arch. Strange feeling, that. However, since I had nothing to lose, I kept wearing them. I wasn’t one of the lucky ones that had “instant relief”; it probably took a couple of weeks before the pain went away, but I had been like that for such a long time. I am a runner (15-30 miles a week depending on my schedule) and developed serious heel pain. I purchased this product to use in my sneakers and felt almost instant relief.

Most of the surgical procedures for heel spur relief are aimed at detaching the plantar fascia from its attachment to the heel bone. To accomplish this task, a small incision is made either on the bottom of the heel or on its side. Once the surgeon has inserted the scalpel blade, he feels for the plantar fascia. Only after he is confident that he has identified it, they cut the ligament free from the heel bone. Painful heels are the number 4 conern bringing patients into the offices of many family doctors and the number 1 concern bringing patients to the offices of podiatric physicians (foot doctors).heel pain

Treatment Treatment of plantar fasciitis is sometimes a drawn out and frustrating process. A program of rehabilitation should be undertaken with the help of someone qualified and knowledgeable about the affliction. Typically, plantar fasciitis will require at least six weeks and up to six months of conservative care to be fully remedied. Should such efforts not provide relief to the athlete, more aggressive measures including surgery may be considered. Stretching is one of the most under-utilized techniques for improving athletic performance, preventing sports related foot injuries and properly rehabilitating sprain and strain injury. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that something as simple as stretching won’t be effective.

oA sudden increase in walking or a sporting activity can also be a contributing factor. A classical example is a post man who returned to work after a period away from the job can develop this condition. oWear a supportive shoe with a stiff heel counter, a shock absorbing sole and a good arch. A well made running shoe is ideal for a patient who suffers from plantar fasciitis. This stretch is used to strengthen the lower leg and ankle. Stand with your hands on your hips, or on the back of a chair for balance.

The most common shoe type choice for heel pain is a running shoe. Running shoes are designed to provide maximum cushioning and shock absorption since it is such a high impact sport. This is perfect for most heel pain sufferers to help soften each step, creating a walking-on-air feeling for your burning-twinging-pinching-stabbing or annoyingly nagging, heels. Just a note of thanks for all your help with our aching feet! You were extremely helpful to my father and me. We both thank you! Getting used to the inserts and enjoying the difference! So far, everything seems to be in the comfort zone.”

We would like to welcome you to the Indianapolis Heel Pain Center website. We have dedicated ourselves with providing central Indiana the best possible care for heel pain. Our physicians have over 30 years combined experience treating heel pain of all causes, and employ traditional and advanced treatment techniques to bring our patients out of pain and back to comfort. We are able to do this the vast majority of the time without surgery, and are able to keep the pain from returning in nearly all cases. Chung Shi Shoes – these shoes are all custom fit to your foot. They improve posture, help alleviate heel pain and improve circulation.